Miles Apart

Some lives are meant to complete you,
Some time you meet people who fill that gaping loneliness you’ve been engulfed with,
Some days are meant to put a smile on your face, decades after you’ve been through,
Some moments are meant to give you sleepless nights since you miss them,

Today I slept,
After a long hauling work,
Working with dumb computer machines that can in no way understand what your emotions are,
And the last thing I remember is looking at your pic,
Well, let me rephrase it, looking at our pic,
At the airport.
I was into depths of slumber and I had no idea you would come to me!

Parking lot is packed as usual,
And I still remember when it was like this last time, you had asked if flights tonight are free!!
I smiled –
Like I’ve said a million times,
9 out of 10 times that I smile, you are the reason behind it!

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The Doctrine of Anmol

They say men are mortals,
Yes, men;
We’re mortals in the sense we wipe off our traces with our last breath,
But not the Doctors
The doctors who screw up their schedule to sew other’s lives!
The doctors
The doctors who spend sleepless nights to facilitate other’s sleeps
The doctors who risk their kids’ future for the lives of others’ kids
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Fashion of Passion

The night is pleasant with absolute silence except for the occasional disturbances of a faint audible sound of the songs from the nearby theater or due to the dogs barking, irritated by the cool wind. Everything, including the massive concrete buildings, age-dark rocks are glimmering in the silver color due to the radiant moonlight. And the vast expanse of the sky is densely studded with the stars as if decorated at the function hall or painted by an experienced artist to present it for the Valentine’s Day.

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